Event CountDown
  • Event Date 2016/03/17  - 
  • Event Venue 600 West Chastain

Spring Fundraiser

This year, students will participate in a spell-a-thon. Participating students will collect pledges and take a spelling test on Thursday, March 17th. There are two easy ways to sponsor a student:

1. If a student spells 20 words correctly, and the sponsor pledges .10 cents per word, the students would collect $2.00 from the sponsor.

2. The sponsor can pledge a set fee no matter how many words the student spells correctly.

Please do not allow children to go door to door. All checks should be made payable to Chubbuck PTA. The sponsor form will be on the front cover of your student’s fundraiser packet. March 28th is the last day to turn in Spell-a-thon money. Prizes will be handed out on Friday, April 8th. Contact Amber Garvin at 406-9109 if you have any questions.